Patawa to si SimSimi :)) Double Dutch Pizza daw =))

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First convo with Siri :)) Used the Aussie accent.

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Even when I did the worst. Even when I don’t deserve forgiveness :( 

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I changed his nick on my FB app :D

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Talking ‘bout that racist…

Me: galit kasi yung babae sa asians, tapos nanay niya asian :)) parang sa Tyra Banks. tignan mu bilis

Sandro: haha! kamote, yabang naman nito

Me: oo sobra, di naman alam kung ano ang genetics :P

Sandro: defence mechanism. self assurance. she even thinks incest is cool O_O

Me: i know! nakaka-awa siya

Sandro: hating asians, probably something really bad happened. she couldnt hate asians before unless something happened. and thinking incest is cool…

Sandro: probably total detachment of self sa other side and sa father side niya nakuha ung affection na she detached with [her mom]

Sandro: probably too much affection..

Sandro: may her dad molested her? O_O

MOLESTED. Haha. Pag ang Psyche talaga nag-isip ;D

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You're welcome! I've been hunting your Tumblr account like forever! Hehe. I'm an avid reader of your blog way back on Multiply. Teeheehee.

Ohmygad, totes flattered :”> x)) I din’t think anyone from here (besides some people I really know) know me from Multiply :))

Ate, ang galing mo po sa mga ginagawa mo sa blog mo :)

Why, thank you :D Flattened :))

Knew only now we have the same layout :)

hahah, nangangapa pa nga ako eh :)) di na muna ako nakaka-usad ulit kasi lagi ako nasa labas.. hehe. oh wells, thank yow! :D hi to you too :D

Buti ka pa! Ako, house bum :| :))

msbeatrixx replied to your post: elizabeth-is-such-a-long-name replied to…

i think your not :|

Not what? :O

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elizabeth-is-such-a-long-name replied to your post:My BMI says I’m underweight :O

oh? that is weird, you dont look underweight though, more of normal-ish.

I know! :O But they say I really look thin now, the photos of myself I’ve been posting isn’t really that recent kasi, so idk :)) But I’m glad you think I’m normal, ‘coz i think so, too :D

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